The biker boots are back

The biker boots are back

Why I didn’t want to take off my new shoes

Sometimes you’re just scrolling on the internet without a purpose and in that moment you see so many thinks you want to have. That’s what happened to me: I came across the most perfects boots ever! From the moment I received these beauties, I didn’t want to take them off. They have three straps with lots of details that makes the boots look rough. I received many complements about my new purchase when I wore them for the first time! The boots are perfect for many occasions like having dinner, festivals, traveling and walking through town. Nowadays nothing is too crazy so no one looks confused when you combine the boots with a dress. It has become a trend to make a girly outfit tough by adding bikerboots to your outfit. They’re hot and happening all over the internet. It’s so easy and fun to combine the biker boots with different outfits and experiment a little.

Tips for combining the boots in the right way

As I said: there are no rules. You should really just experiment and figure out how you prefer to wear your bikerboots. The least what I can do is give you some inspiration about my favorite looks.

  1. I’m fond of the combination of the boots with a biker jacket. Lately I bought a patent leather biker jacket and it just matches the boots so perfect.
  2. It will be nice to wear them with any kind of dress. If the bikerboots have a neutral color, I would probably wear them with a more colorful dress.
  3. Combine them with a big oversized tee with prints on it. Wear them in blogger-style.
  4. Last but not least I love to wear them with a more challenging skirt like what I’m wearing on these pictures, because then you prevent your outfit from being too much.

I hope this will help you rocking these perfect boots from Guess. I got them from Donelli: the shipping and return costs are free!



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