Favorite shoe trends summer 2016 // Donelli

Favorite shoe trends summer 2016 // Donelli

Everytime I scroll through my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Tumblr, I see these amazing shoes. Celebrities, bloggers and fashion-icons are wearing the most beautiful shoes and I’m obsessed. During this summer, I’ve already seen lots of trends I’m absolutely in love with. In this post I’ll show you my favorite shoe trends and shoes that resemble the trend. All shoes in this post are from the website Donelli.

Over-knee boots & heels
The first trend which is not a real summer-trend, but still one of my favorites, is the over-knee boots. Especially during spring they were a very hot item, but I still didn’t get them (I actually don’t know why). I love the way Gigi Hadid combines the high knee boots with her outfit. Another shoe-item that will probably never get old are heels. I love the heels from Donelli with a print on it, it makes you outfit look feminine and tough.


Metallic & denim
I absolutely love metallic, another trend which is not only seen in shoes, but also in different clothing items. In my opinion, I think you can never wear too much glitter nor be too shiny. I bought metallic/silver heels which I show you in this post. The ones from Donelli are so cute too, because they are platform shoes and also shiny. Espadrilles are perfect for the holidays to wear to the beach or on a lazy day. I love that they are denim and that they have a platform. You see them all over social media on bloggers and I wear them too.


The trend that will never fade away, the sneaker trend. It’s just a musthave to have a pair of sneakers in your shoe-collection. Sneakers are perfect for walking through the city and for shopping, because you don’t want to have painful feet at the end of the day. I love the Converse All Stars sneakers, because they have a vintage look and are super easy to style with you outfit. The Nike sneakers have this purple detail that I like, they will probably look very good with a good pair of jeans and a white off-shoulder top to make it a little bit more feminine. The Adidas Superstar sneakers have been popular for a long time now, so you’ll probably all know them. They are easy to style and fit incredibly.


I’m also very curious what you favorite shoe trend is. My favorites are also the ones I bought lately, so I hope I gave you some inspiration.


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