Inspiration and good vibes

Inspiration and good vibes

Let’s talk about good vibes and inspiration, because it’s always a good idea to think positive and get inspired. When I’m in the mood for some inspiration, I usually scroll down on Pinterest, Tumblr, We heart it and Instagram for the most beautiful pics. I find inspiration in fashion, beauty, photography, nature, flowers and food. You probably think, why food? But the answer to that question is simple, it’s because for instance when I see a cup of coffee with a beautiful pattern, I can get inspired by the details.

The first thing that really gets me into good vibes is pictures of summer. Palmtrees, clear water, sand, bikini’s, the sun, the style, I just love everything that has to do with summer. I just can’t wait till the summer vacation when I finally go to Ibiza again, but first it’s time to go to Austria and go skiing.

Very important to me is fashion and style, so I’m very fond of the new trend called denim on denim. It’s everywhere over social media and I love to go with this trend, because it can give your outfit a classy and casual look. I’m also in love with the trend that has to do with patterns and patches, it’s just a good addition to your outfit according to me. I’m always searching for the newest trends on social media where I get a lot of inspiration and I immediately want to buy lots of clothes.

I don’t know why, but flowers always make me happy (especially the pink ones).

I absolutely love to try new hairstyles, but I don’t diversify in hairstyles this much. I do get inspired, but I haven’t tried a lot of styles before. I really love the hairstyle on the left, the one with the detail in the hair. I think it’s a useful and stylish addition to your outfit.

Other things that make me happy are pictures of food, interior and jewelry. Do you have the same thing that when you see an instagram-worthy situation, the only thing you think about is making the perfect picture? Yes, that’s me. Food can be so beautiful and healthy recipes get me inspired to go to the gym and eat healthy. Interior is also a way to give me new ideas for redecorating my room.

The instagram profiles that get me inspired: @alexisren, @kenzas, @kristinsundberg, @negin_mirshalehi, @annanooshin, @lizzyvdligt, @yara_michels, @jannid, @whowhatwear, @billieroseblog, @josefinsoso

What are things you get inspired by?





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