Introducing you to our style: sister special ★

Introducing you to our style: sister special ★

★ Way of dressing

But first: let’s define style. What does the dictionary say?

“Characteristics or elements combined and expressed in a particular (often unique) and consistent manner.”

And what has Tumblr and Pinterest to say about it?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

I think I can relate more to the last one. I think everyone should dress the way she or he wants and that you shouldn’t care about other opinions. If everyone has the same style, life would be pretty boring. If you’re feeling good in the way you’re dressing yourself, it shouldn’t be a problem to dress like that. What I discovered is that the older I get, the more I discover the things I like to wear. You’re creating your own style and that makes everyone unique. Style is certainly a way to say who you are. It makes you, you.

★ Styling our Nubikk sneakers

In this post I would like to compare my style and to that of my sister. Last week was her birthday (she turned eighteen) and I gave her a pair of Nubikk sneakers from Donelli. The sneakers resemble the sneakers I got last month, so I thought it would be a good idea to show them to you. For this post we styled our sneakers in our own way and I’m very curious what you think about it. In this post we will tell you a little bit more about our style. We hope this will give you some inspiration.

★ About our style: some dilemmas to get to know us better

Sneakers or heels?

Femke: I would say heels, because I feel more confident wearing a good pair of heels or boots. I think your outfit gets more feminine by wearing heels and that’s the style I prefer to dress like. I’m more into girly looks than tough looks. I do love wearing sneakers, because they’re much more comfy, but I think heels look prettier on me.

Britt: I would definitely go for sneakers. Let’s begin with the fact that I can’t walk on heels, which I regret. I like sneakers because lately there is such a variety on sneakers and I think most of them are really feminine and cute, so you can look girly with sneakers too these days. And another thing I love about them is that you can wear sneakers all day without any pain!!

Statement bag or shoes?

Femke: This is a very difficult one, because you can’t go wrong with both. I’d say shoes, because they can totally finish your outfit. If I’m wearing a comfy jeans with a knit, I would probably wear it with a pair of boots or heels. I would wear a short skirt with a cute off-shoulder top with a pair of sneakers or espadrilles, because then it doesn’t get over the top if you know what I mean!

Britt: I had to think hard on this one, because shoes and a statement bag both can bring your boring outfit to the next level. Eventually I would go for a statement bag, because most of the times when I buy a bag, they have very a bright colour. So with a bag you can smarter up your outfit real easy.

Minimalistic or many details?

Femke: Definitely many details, because otherwise I think my outfit will look boring. I’m currently mixing and matching my outfits with different colors and prints, because it’s the year wherein everything is possible in the fashion world. I’m more and more discovering my style and I passed the point where I was constantly thinking what others thought of my outfit.

Britt: I go for many details as well, because now is the time you can go all the way around with jewellery. You can wear three necklaces if you want or seven rings on your hand and I love that. I just got my second piercing in my ear and I love to have the possibility to wear four earrings at once. I like how jewellery can make your outfit complete.

Must have for every wardrobe

Femke: A oversized denim jacket, because you can combine it with everything and it’s a timeless item.

Britt: White sneakers, because they can go with everything; a mom jeans, a cute dress, but also with fishnet socks and a skirt. They’re a real must have!

Best purchase ever

Femke: My pink Furla bag, which I’m wearing in the pictures. It’s a timeless item and it looks good with every style.

Britt: My cobalt blue snake printed Guess bag. I bought it in the sale at the Bijenkorf and I’m so so happy with it. It can brighten your outfit, because of the colour.

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