The perfect Valentine’s Day gift

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! What’s better than spending this day with your beloved ones? For me, Valentine’s Day is a day when you can spend time with your family, friend and if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, with him or her. I usually have dinner on Valentine’s Day, but this time I’m in Berlin and he’s in Bonaire. I’m curious: how are you going to spend your Valentine’s Day?

For those who are always wondering what to buy for their lovers, these roses from Grace Flowerbox are the perfect gift.

Grace Flowerbox

The roses I got are from the Infinity-collection. They’re real, fresh roses and they’ll last three years. “How is this even possible”, I hear you thinking. I thought the same thing, but it’s real! First they remove all water and then they add some pigment to the flowers. You’ll have beautiful roses for more than three years and they look absolutely stunning! They don’t need water or other supplements: they’ll flourish anyway. Here you can find the Infinity-collection.



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